Cloud Tasks – New Office365 & Cloud App developed – Available now!

Cloud Tasks App is a task management app that lets user efficiently manage all his active tasks in the Cloud.

Most of the organizations now uses both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint. They are looking for solutions that integrate these two technologies.

And with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and SharePoint Online pair together which results in cloud productivity. 

Cloud Tasks App is one such cloud based solution that lets the Office 365 users that are active users of CRM solution as well as SharePoint portal in same office 365 subscription, effectively manage their tasks.

Both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint uses concept of Tasks, however there is no single interface wherein the end users can manage all their tasks. User has to go to CRM or to SharePoint portal and click on individual Tasks to get the details and work on it. 

Cloud Tasks App is a SharePoint 2013 App that provides user efficient way of managing all his tasks at a single place.

Cloud Tasks App aggregates all the active tasks (in both CRM and SharePoint portal) and presents it in an easy to use Calendar interface. This gives user a clear pictorial view of the approaching deadlines, which would be difficult if he has to get details of his tasks separately in CRM solution and SharePoint portal. 

By providing a single intuitive interface and facility to perform various actions on the tasks, Cloud Tasks App helps user to plan and organize his tasks efficiently and increases his productivity.


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