SharePoint 2013 App Available -Retrieves cross-domain data by using JSONP

This is a SharePoint-hosted app for SharePoint that uses JSON with Padding (JSONP) to retrieve data from a proxy page on a Windows Azure Web Site. The sample contains two solutions, one for the App and one for its use on a SharePoint page.

The App deploys the JSONPClient  App part for SharePoint.

You add the app part to a page and then enter the URL of the proxy page and the URL of a feed. The proxy page gets data from the feed that’s specified in the app part, and returns the data in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format.

The app part gets the feed data from the proxy page by using JSONP, and then displays the data.

Figure 1. The JSONPClient SharePoint App displays data from the specified feed on the page/s it is placed


SP15_app_JsonpAppPart (2)


Please contact me for this or any other SharePoint and Office365 Web Parts / Apps :

On-Premise and for the Cloud and Azure


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