New “Filter My ListView” SharePoint Web Part and App now available for SP 2010 & 2013 On-premise and Office 365!!

What is it?

The “Filter My ListView” Web Part / App is a SharePoint WebPart enables you to create custom filter to find information in SharePoint list or document library.

my listview

Why do you need it?

In working with SharePoint and with large lists or document libraries containing 100K+ items, users frequently found that there is no usable tool for filtering data.

SharePoint let us create views, but their functionality doesn’t meet the requirements of users. And most popular reason is this: list view is static and users can’t modify it on the fly.

On the other hand the “Filter My List” web part may filter data representing in the current view’s columns. But user can’t apply multiple filter to list and others (date range, filter criteria, …).

All this leads to the fact that we have to have custom solution this solving these limitations.


The “Filter My ListView” Web Part / App is a simple to use SharePoint list view filter. It enables your to create custom filter form, composed from all list fields (not only fields containing in current list view).

Supported field types

  • Simple text

jQuery UI is used for using autocomplete!

  • Text with options enables select filtering type

Text with filtering options

  • Date

  • DateRange

  • Boolean

  • DropDown list represents unique values of field

  • User or Group
  • Taxonomy Term Picker

  • Multi-select CheckBoxList

The “Filter My ListView” Web Part / App builds a filter form using different types of controls:

  • TextBox. “Contains” criteria filter
  • TextBox with autocomplete
  • TextBox with options. Allows user to choose filter criteria that can be one of these:
    • Equals
    • Not equals
    • Contains
    • Begins with
  • Date
  • Date Range
  • DropDownList
  • DropDownList with multiple selection
  • People picker
  • MetaData picker

Relation between field type and supported filter types is represented in this matrix:

Contact me now through my blog, or at for this and more SharePoint and Office 365 custom developed Web Parts and Apps

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