2 Great Books to start with for Developers who want to learn SAP NetWeaver


In this blog i want to show you some good books which i recommend for Developers looking to specialise in SAP NetWeaver

SAP NetWeaver: The Official Guide

Link to SAP Press

All you want to know about SAP NetWeaver can you read in this book, it is a must for beginners. Learn on 4 detailed Customer examples which technologies can be included in NetWeaver. This book is mostly theoretically, there is no difficult program code included. If you want to program stuff for SAP NetWeaver, first read this book to understand what NetWeaver can do.

Developer’s Guide to SAP NetWeaver Portal Applications

Link to SAP Press

Developing Components for SAP NetWeaver Portal is not an easy task. If you want to know how to do this, i recommend this book. For a quick-start head to chapter 10, there are some good examples with many screenshots and good instructions. You learn to work with the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio, create Components and deploy them to the SAP NetWeaver Portal.

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