Brand new 3 LINQ to Office Providers Available now!!

The SPSamurai.Office.LINQ namespace contains 3 classes –

OutlookProvider(LINQ to Outlook), OneNoteProvider (LINQ to OneNote) and ExcelProvider(LINQ to Excel).

The OutlookProvider is a wrapper class which provides IEnumerable collections to data of the COM interface of Outlook ( appointments, contacts, mails, tasks, …).

The OneNoteProvider provides collections of notebooks, sections and pages by manipulating the XML hierarchy tree of OneNote. And the ExcelProvider loads an Excel worksheet and provides column definition and row collections.

All collections are IEnumerable so you can query them with LINQ. The full source code is provided.

Check out my articles where I describe the implementation of these 3 classes and how to use them. These articles also contain a lot of LINQ query examples.

Class diagrams:






Features :
Set flag with due date from predefined list: Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week or Custom  
Different options of follow-up visualization using combinations of flag, text and date  
Support of sorting and filtering features  
Support of different calendars (Gregorian, Japanese Emperor Era, Korean Tangun Era, Hijri, etc.)  
Supported Datasheet view  
Two-way conversion between ArtfulBits Follow-Up and standard Microsoft® SharePoint® Date and Time column  
Language pack support (desired localization could be added by request)  


Contact me at for these tools and more SharePoint, Azure and Office 365 Apps, Tools and Web Parts or for specialised custom SharePoint Development

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