Application Lifecycle Management – Improving Quality in SharePoint Solutions

On my journey of deciding whether to use GIT or TFS to support the SharePoint ALM…..


“Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a continuous process of managing the life of an application through governance, development and maintenance. ALM is the marriage of business management to software engineering made possible by tools that facilitate and integrate requirements management, architecture, coding, testing, tracking, and release management.”

In this and future blog posts we will look at how ALM and the tools that MS provides support us in ensuring high quality solutions. Specifically, we explore a few different types of testing and how they relate to our SharePoint solutions.

  • Manual Tests (this post)
  • Load Tests
  • Code Review/ Code Analysis
  • Unit Tests
  • Coded UI Tests

To get things straight, I like testing. I think it is by far the best (academic) method to prove you did things right. And the best part, even before the UATs start!

This post is not meant to be exhaustive nor used as the perfect…

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