Various New SharePoint Document Tools and Web Parts Available – See Blog for more details

Several new SharePoint Document Management, Upload Web Parts and Tools are available for Sale on my Web Site –


Please contact me via my web site and blog or at for pricing and trials


Bulk File SharePoint Upload Web Part

  • Run it anywhere. Every action is done using the Client Object Model, there is no need to install it on the server.
  • Support for Mixed authentication, both Windows and Forms
  • Import folders and files with all subfolders
  • Retain creation and modified date fields after moving to SharePoint
  • Retain author/editor fields from office documents after moving to SharePoint
  • Incompatible file names are renamed (filename too long, illegal characters)
  • Unsupported files (large filesize, blocked file extension, …) are skipped
  • Files already existing on SharePoint are skipped (no overwrite)
  • Successfully migrated files and folders can be moved to an “archive” folder
  • Detailed log (Log4Net) with info on migration issues
  • Option to skip creation of empty folders in SharePoint
  • Option to merge subfolders to a flat list in SharePoint.
  • Easy to run in batch when migrating several locations



Drag n Drop Upload Web Part

Enables Firefox & Chrome users to drag & drop files directly into their SharePoint document libraries. This makes single and multiple file upload much simplier & user friendly. SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online are supported.

Document set content web part is supported





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