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GoogleAnalytics Connect & Reports – Google Analytics Connector Web Part for SharePoint 2010

This is Web Part Solution for SharePoint 2010 allowing administrators to connect a SharePoint site to a Google Analytics account to get advanced Usage Reporting.


  • stsadm -o addsolution -filename {[PATH]}\ConsultPoint.SharePoint.GoogleAnalyticsConnector.wsp
  • stsadm -o deploysolution -name ConsultPoint.SharePoint.GoogleAnalyticsConnector.wsp -allowgacdeployment -immediate

Activate the feature on site collection level

  • Activate the feature named ConsultPoint.SharePoint.GoogleAnalyticsConnector on site collection level

Configure your Google Analytics profile ID on site level

You can configure a profile ID by site, you can also inherits the settings from the parent site.
SiteAdminMenu.png  AccountSettings.png

All your site’s pages will be connected to your Google Analytics.

Please note that there is 24h delay before yuo can see your statistics on Analytics

 Contact me at tomas.floyd@outlook.com for this Web Part and other custom Web Parts / Apps that are now available!!