FREE Corporate Calendar SharePoint App

Corporate Calendar App

This App demonstrates how to create a search-based app that will aggregate events from calendars in SharePoint 2013.

The app presents a single calendar that aggregates events from the entire farm or from designated calendars.

Description of the App
This App make use of the RESTful endpoint to perform a search against for events in calendars. The search queries based on a date range and optionally paths to specific calendars.

The results are displayed in the FullCalendar jQuery plugin, which is an open-source component located at


Source Code Downloadable at :

This  App requires the following;

A SharePoint 2013 development environment.
Visual Studio 2012 and Office 2013 Tools for Visual Studio 2012.
The Search Service Application properly set up and configured

Key components of the sample

The sample is a SharePoint-hosted app written entirely in JavaScript.
The sample makes use of the FullCalendar jQuery plugin for display
The key code for the sample can be found in the library located in the Scripts folder. The library contains all the functionality to perform searches and package the events into an array for consumption by the FullCalendar plugin.

The App.js library contains the start-up code for the app.

Configure the sample

The app requires that the Managed Properties “EventDate”, “EndDate”, and “AllDayEvent” be created. Create these managed properties and map them to the crawled properties shown in the following table.

Crawled Property                                 Managed Property
ows_EventDate                                      EventDate
ows_EndDate                                          EndDate
ows_fAllDayEvent                                AllDayEvent

After mapping the managed properties, perform a full crawl.

Run and test the sample
1. Open the CorporateCalendarApp.sln solution in Visual Studio 2012/2013.
2. Edit the Site URL property to refer to a test site where you will deploy the solution.
3. Press F5.
4. When prompted, grant permissions for the app to use the search service.
5. When the app appears, it should be populated with data from all calendars in the farm to which the current user has access.
6. If desired, click the “Manage Included Calendar Paths” link and add new links to the “Included Paths” links list. Any link added to this list will become a property restriction in the search query using the form Path:{URL}.

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