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COMING SOON – The “User Poll” Web Part for SharePoint 2010 & 2013

The User Poll Web Part provides your SharePoint environment with a set of web parts to allow your end users to create simple polls. It does this without the hassle of the standard SharePoint surveys which is not intended to create a simple 1 question poll.

The User Poll Web Part is a poll web part for SharePoint and it allows site users to quickly create polls anywhere in the Site Collection. The poll Web Part is designed to provide a user friendly interface: Important settings and actions are available from within the Web Part.

There is no direct need to work with the SharePoint Web Part setting menu and poll data is managed from normal SharePoint lists. Administrators can manage and keep track of all created polls from a centralized list.

A standard SharePoint installation also comes with a polling mechanism as part of the Survey Lists, but these surveys are complicated and require quite some time to configure.

The The User Poll Web Part allows users to setup a single topic poll within a few minutes.

The roadmap for the project is provided below.

Basic functionality

  • Poll settings are configured directly from the web part display or SharePoint lists
  • Publish and unpublish functionality


Project road map:

  • Release production build of The User Poll Web Part 2013
  • Automated security management on the poll response and answer list
  • Result view only web part
  • Add multiple HTML5 chart options (currently only horizontal bar)
  • Documentation

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