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Developing for the future – How to write code in VS 2010 for Web Parts, that are compatible with the App model of SharePoint 2013

The sample demonstrates how to develop code that works in SharePoint 2010 and also as a SharePoint 2013 App. The goal is to show you how to develop a SharePoint web part and event receiver that can be packaged as traditional solutions or as apps. Whether you’re ready for the new App model or not, it’s not too early to start developing in a new way that works on premises or online, today or tomorrow.

This sample focuses on a Provider-hosted app that runs in an external ASP.NET site – and that can be packaged
to run in SharePoint 2010 as a Visual Web Part and Event Receiver as well as in SharePoint 2013 as an app.
•This posting is the SharePoint 2010 Solution
•The posting you are viewing now is the SharePoint 2013 app

Whether packaged as a SharePoint solution or app, the sample assists users in locating and creating SharePoint sites. It begins by displaying a list of child sites, and then can present a form that allows the user to create a new child site using a web template.

Building the Sample

There are two related samples. MSDN Code Gallery would not allow posting them together because it only allows one posting in each language, and thinks the samples are written in C# due to the Visual Studio project type. (In reality, it’s a blend of C# and Javascript!) The Location Mapping Solution requires a SharePoint 2010 development machine using Visual Studio 2012. The App requires a SharePoint 2013 development machine using Visual Studio 2012.


A detailed artcile explaining this sample is available at